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Laura. 22. Texas girl in NY. Girly fitblr.. I aspire to inspire; through fitness & in health.♥ January 1, 2013 I woke up & decided I was just gonna fuckin' do it.
I never looked back since then.

SW: 203 | CW: 153 | UGW: 135-140 & FIT

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If you actually think physical attractiveness is important in a relationship, you are not shallow. To make a good relationship last you have to be physically and mentally attracted to the person. I am tired of seeing people being called shallow simply because they are looking for someone attractive to them, mentally and physically.

You are shallow when physical attractiveness is the only thing that keeps you two together.


svnfrancisco: Your blog is such an inspiration to me!

Thank u soo much!



Another pancake post. Ate this beautiful thing with bananas and home made berry compote today for breakfast. It tasted like summer!
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